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BEA’S Guam Trip 2014

September 16, 2014

I love Guam!

Freestyland last August was the bomb! I’ve been there 2 years ago but this trip though was different. Definitely connected more with the island and the people on a whole new other level. I want to thank KAF, Rhandee, all the pars for the hospitality and most especially to my hosts, Earlroc and Diane.

So much stuff I learned about myself, this world and my path. Its crazy! Definitely was present in the moment. Only downside though is that I don’t have clips of the crazy moments since I was too busy experiencing them, which truly is the point (catch 22) .

But yeah it was awesome! Can’t wait for more stuff like this in the future! s/o to Bangroc for the opening vid



Intensity 2.0 : Antique Session

January 25, 2014

Whats Good people!

I will be in Antique this coming Feb 18-23, 2014 for Intensity 2.0. Its gona be poppin! Heard so much good things from the homies from their previous trips and had to be part of this one. I will be judging and also gona be part of an exhibition bgirl battle with Bgirl Hate.

Come thru folks! Lets keep at it! One!Image

For more details: CLICK HERE!

Last show of the year

January 1, 2014






Our last show for the year was at Balanga Bataan. Thank you to Mayor Joet for inviting us! Really dope venue! And good Job Allstars! Another hour long show in the books. Fight till the end. Thank You once again Balanga.

Enjoy the short vid & photos.



ImageWith Mayor Joey

ImageLast group selfie of the year





PS. i still don’t have an iphone yet so im still al ittle bit off the grid. Once i get back on my feet (figuratively), ill be posting again regularly. Videos, photos and updates of our everyday. Its gonna be jampacked on the daily! 

PZ & Blessings!

Weddings and Things

December 18, 2013

Yesterday it was our homies’ wedding. We used to rock with him and his brother Phatz (Rest in Power) during the Mapua Breaker days in Intramuros around 05-07. It was hella dope to chill with the homies i havent seen for years.

This was just some of the peeps from way back. 2007


Its just crazy that it take weddings for everyone to get reconnected again. I wanted to take as many photos but I couldnt since yes i still do not own a phone. But here’s a few of the photo booth pics we did.


This is jus the Rude Twins. We clean up good.


Funk Roots Grown Up!


Mapua Breaker Days.

The reception was so nice, it was at Plaza Moriones! I think i found my spot for MY wedding. Ugh!!

Btw Huge Shoutout to Billy Boy & MC Fatima! 11 Years strong today! love you fam!


The Last of our Kind haha

Heavy on that Boogie 12.4.13

December 7, 2013

Three days ago was a little crazy. Coming from the Allstars Garage sale, i went straight to the Fort for my homies’ bday dinner.  It was crazy!  We ended up pre gaming at Red Garlic,.a really nice spot that has NO corkage! Awesome rite?

Anyway, after downing so much alcohol (im a lightweight now, or am i? haha) we went straight to URBN for Heavy Boogie’s event ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skillz, Shortkut, Kristian Hernandez, Complex & Badkiss. It was a dope vibe, mad people dancing everywhere just going off.

This video i made is a little short though. Honestly, i was in too deep dancing that night & yes i was really,really faded as well so pardon the shortness of the vid.. You’ll still get the feel though so enjoy!

Philippine Allstars Davao Trip (Nov 2013)

November 22, 2013

Philippine Allstars went to Davao a few weeks ago for Coke’s Christmas Caravan. Such an awesome opportunity to be able to catch up with our old friends and also meet new ones.

Tons of firsts in this trip!

First time we ever did an 1 hr and half show with just pure dancing (I could feel your energy from 2 planets away on the reals)  and as for me, first time to direct a whole show on my own. (Thanks btw mami for trusting me! WALEY Productions in Full Effect hehe ). Really grateful for this amazing experience. And Happy Anniversary to Come Back crew! Dope house party!

Peep this to see what went on! PZ! (through Bea’s eyes haha)

Here’s couple of photos as well.




Funk Roots ?!?! HahAhahAHAa


My view at the booth


Davao dance community


With Sir Rogie of Coca Cola

comm.UNITY R.i.s.e 2

November 20, 2013

Hey guys, tomorrow thursday Nov 21, Philippine Allstars will be at this fundraising Concert and Donation Drive with proceeds going to victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

Peep the Finest DJs, Dance Crews, and Artists from the Urban Lifestyle Community.

Brought to you by TEAM STRATO.

Share, Support, Donate, Love.
“Actions speak louder than words.”


See you

Tacloban Cypher (UNCUT) March 2013

November 16, 2013

We did a show in Tacloban last March 2013 for America in 3D where we got the opportunity to meet and chill with the dance community of Tacloban. It was an awesome experience. Everyone was just vibin out at the local spot, the Amphitheatre and just kicking it.

I just wanted to share the uncut video of the cypher we had. I still can’t believe what Yolanda has done and i just wanna give a huge shout out to our brothers & sisters that were affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Our prayers are with you. Kapit lang po, God is with us!

The Return of Turntables on the Hudson (NYC) in MANILA (MCafe 11.7.13)

November 8, 2013

Been hearing about how crazy good the music was in Costa Pacifica Baler from my homies this past weekend. Found out Turntables on the Hudson we’re gonna do MCafe last night so i came through (even though typhoon Yolanda was fast approaching).

Man, last night was one of the best nights i’ve had in awhile! Awesome music provided by  DJ Badkiss, DJ Nickodemus and DMR plus a lil live percussion set with Mister Marcus & RWG. Now im actually truly regretting not rocking sneakers yesterday.

Shot & Edited by yours truly

Peep this vid of how good the vibes were last nite:


DJ Badkiss




Mister Marcus


DJ Nickodemus







ps. I just love nights like this. A familiar feeling, reminded me of how i grew up in this culture. Quoting daft punk on this haha

//If you lose your way tonight. That’s how you know the magic’s right//

& i did! PZ!

So that’s why Real recognizes Real…

August 24, 2010

Your girl is studying on the law of attraction again. Yes, I’ve been on that spiritual tip for a couple of days now.. So, for starters here are the 4 Laws of nature:

1. Law of Causality – everything happens for a reason

2. Law of Compensation – it’s karma foo’

3. Law of Affirmation – ideas affirmed mentally will manifest physically in time

4. Law of attraction – Like attracts like.

Among these, i’m pretty drawn to 4th Law. I mean, it just makes sense! The people you’re friends with understand and appreciate the same things you do. It’s not forced, making the relationship genuine. And if you know me, a libra, i strive for personal relationships that’ll last a lifetime. It just feels overwhelming that a law as simple as this is right on the dot! Running in the same circle with the people i look up to, without imposing myself on them is rewarding in itself. I know this sounds cliche but its for real.

Funk Roots for example is one massive result of the law of attraction. We all came from different rival crews but in our minds, we had the same hunger and the same G mentality. The way we viewed breakin’ was more or less on the same frequency and that made us click. Our chemistry is sincere. Truth be told, I see them as my family no less. So if you’re wondering why we’d rather be small in number, its because we’d rather be few but ultimately reliable. Sabi nga ni Boy, yung tipong iilan lang, pero maaasahan bawat isa. At least were on the same page rite?