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New Year Moves

January 5, 2014

Its a New Year and I guess per year we have resolutions and stuff like that. I don’t totally believe most of it coz if you wanna make change, you dont gotta wait for a year to do your move, right. But its a fresh start so yeah lets keep things going. I don’t really have massive changes in mind. Mostly I just aim for consistency and discipline. Im gonna force myself that with whatever I do, I should do it the best I can.

Today, January 5 is the first day I took boxing lessons. I’ve been saying since last November, since getting back from the US that I need to do it. I needed to push myself to do something new to help me float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. I thought it’d be easy coming from training with the Allstars but its pretty different. New techniques, new rhythm to get into and a whole new muscle memory to stimulate.


Here’s a picture of the studio. Its Elorde Boxing Gym (16 Castilla Cor. Granada St., Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City. Tel#: 723-8825)

Its awesome though, I met good people. And my trainer Allery is pretty hardknock. And the guys already gave me a nickname too. They call me cutie and think Im only 16. I guess thats a plus for someone my age right? There were men and women of all ages just sweating out.

It’s a good spot.

And yes, my hands a little messed up. Im mad sore but definitely be back next week. And the week after that, and the week after that. PZ