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Weddings and Things

December 18, 2013

Yesterday it was our homies’ wedding. We used to rock with him and his brother Phatz (Rest in Power) during the Mapua Breaker days in Intramuros around 05-07. It was hella dope to chill with the homies i havent seen for years.

This was just some of the peeps from way back. 2007


Its just crazy that it take weddings for everyone to get reconnected again. I wanted to take as many photos but I couldnt since yes i still do not own a phone. But here’s a few of the photo booth pics we did.


This is jus the Rude Twins. We clean up good.


Funk Roots Grown Up!


Mapua Breaker Days.

The reception was so nice, it was at Plaza Moriones! I think i found my spot for MY wedding. Ugh!!

Btw Huge Shoutout to Billy Boy & MC Fatima! 11 Years strong today! love you fam!


The Last of our Kind haha