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October 15, 2014

Will be leaving for China tomorrow for Battle of China/ Queen Sweet 16! Too excited to connect and learn!



BEA’S Guam Trip 2014

September 16, 2014

I love Guam!

Freestyland last August was the bomb! I’ve been there 2 years ago but this trip though was different. Definitely connected more with the island and the people on a whole new other level. I want to thank KAF, Rhandee, all the pars for the hospitality and most especially to my hosts, Earlroc and Diane.

So much stuff I learned about myself, this world and my path. Its crazy! Definitely was present in the moment. Only downside though is that I don’t have clips of the crazy moments since I was too busy experiencing them, which truly is the point (catch 22) .

But yeah it was awesome! Can’t wait for more stuff like this in the future! s/o to Bangroc for the opening vid


Ever since,

July 25, 2014

I think i’ve always known I wanted to do something different. As a kid I remember looking up to this one girl who was the only chick who did the Xgames on ESPN. I wanted to be like her so I did roller blades too but I was too chicken shit to do any of the tricks she did.

Since we moved to our new spot weeks ago, we had to pack all our stuff and with that, I found my old pics when I was hella young. I knew i was pretty active since I lived in our family compound that had a massive play ground for my grandma’s pre school. But seeing this photo just made me realize that breakin has been in my blood ever since.


I think even at that age, I already knew that I was gonna break. Or that maybe my fate was tied to this art form. I dunno, it just made think of pre destination, stuff like that. Tons of answers, but 10x the questions. I guess, truth is that whatever you feel is true in your heart & soul, thats it, hundred percent.


Rooted TV Episode 2: Paul “PKid” Sirate (RSC/ Knuckleneck Tribe )

June 24, 2014

Rooted TV episode 2 is on Paul “Pikaso” Sirate. Most locals know him just as Pikaso the MC and producer, but this guy is one of Bay Area’s bboy legends. Peep a bit of his history, thoughts and what not on Rooted TV’s episode 2.

PZ & Know your Roots!

Last show of the year

January 1, 2014






Our last show for the year was at Balanga Bataan. Thank you to Mayor Joet for inviting us! Really dope venue! And good Job Allstars! Another hour long show in the books. Fight till the end. Thank You once again Balanga.

Enjoy the short vid & photos.



ImageWith Mayor Joey

ImageLast group selfie of the year





PS. i still don’t have an iphone yet so im still al ittle bit off the grid. Once i get back on my feet (figuratively), ill be posting again regularly. Videos, photos and updates of our everyday. Its gonna be jampacked on the daily! 

PZ & Blessings!

Miss Fortune

December 15, 2013

Its been a crazy few days. The other nite, we were having  a blast at MCafe, with DJ Shortkut on the 1s and 2s. All good vibes, the family was there and after a hard day’s work in Quiapo, Avenida & Divi, me & the rest of the team were out for a good time.

This photo was taken by Joey Too fresh. Image

We were killin it, just vibin out and enjoying the fresh cuts when all of a sudden, I noticed my bag missing. My bag which had my wallet, camera,iPhone plus Tolo’s watch & Matt’s phone was gone. Turns out somebody jacked my shit right under our noses.

Its just mad ironic that we were in the so called “underbelly” of Manila the whole day and nothing happened but an intruder at our homebase? How wrong is that. I even spoke on the phone with the person who stole my shit & had one of the creepiest conversations i had with him saying how he knew me from way back & that he liked my face.

Yes im dealing with a little bit of loss coz for my work, i use my camera & iphone the most. But i guess the lesson i have been learning the past few days is how immaterial material is. Yes i am used to most of the comforts in life. I barely pay any bills, have all the hi tech gadgets a person could need but honestly what does it all mean then?

I have come to a conclusion to simplify my life now more than ever, and take charge. My future is not dictated by the price or amount of my belongings, but the value I have learned with all my experiences. Cut my losses and move on.

Funny enough, spoke to a friend of my future plans and guess what we came up with. For the next year its all gona be about “Adult Bea 2014”. More hard work for myself in the background. You will not know what i hit you with. Its all going to be a surprise and its not even coming from the negative. Although there is anger coz of pain, i know I have to be wounded to let more light in again. So i guess here goes to another 40 days of my life. Its time for change and im thankful all these shit is happening coz its making me realize what I prefer, what my moral standards are.

I have my dreams in place. I know where Im heading even though i do not yet know which route im taking. So heres to Huge Leaps for mankind.

To the fvtvre.

Heavy on that Boogie 12.4.13

December 7, 2013

Three days ago was a little crazy. Coming from the Allstars Garage sale, i went straight to the Fort for my homies’ bday dinner.  It was crazy!  We ended up pre gaming at Red Garlic,.a really nice spot that has NO corkage! Awesome rite?

Anyway, after downing so much alcohol (im a lightweight now, or am i? haha) we went straight to URBN for Heavy Boogie’s event ft. DJ Jazzy Jeff, Skillz, Shortkut, Kristian Hernandez, Complex & Badkiss. It was a dope vibe, mad people dancing everywhere just going off.

This video i made is a little short though. Honestly, i was in too deep dancing that night & yes i was really,really faded as well so pardon the shortness of the vid.. You’ll still get the feel though so enjoy!

Philippine Allstars Davao Trip (Nov 2013)

November 22, 2013

Philippine Allstars went to Davao a few weeks ago for Coke’s Christmas Caravan. Such an awesome opportunity to be able to catch up with our old friends and also meet new ones.

Tons of firsts in this trip!

First time we ever did an 1 hr and half show with just pure dancing (I could feel your energy from 2 planets away on the reals)  and as for me, first time to direct a whole show on my own. (Thanks btw mami for trusting me! WALEY Productions in Full Effect hehe ). Really grateful for this amazing experience. And Happy Anniversary to Come Back crew! Dope house party!

Peep this to see what went on! PZ! (through Bea’s eyes haha)

Here’s couple of photos as well.




Funk Roots ?!?! HahAhahAHAa


My view at the booth


Davao dance community


With Sir Rogie of Coca Cola


November 17, 2013

Last Aug. i hurt my eye in a freak accident. We were at a show & I wanted to take a picture. I forgot i tied my id to my left hand,  raised it and bam! There it went in my eye,which caused an abrasion that made me allergic to the sun and unable to dance for almost a week (& that was  a few weeks before leaving for Vegas for Hip Hop International, when a week seemed like an eternity). I constantly have to deal with eye strain every now & then, i call sprain for the eye. It hurts hella bad, to the point that it actually feels like my eye is ripping open.

Now months after here i go again. Ever since going home from the Bay i haven’t really had time to rest. I’ve been out & about, doing my thing and i guess i haven’t completely recovered yet. Well, the other day Kali had sore eyes & i was tripping out coz i knew i wasn’t up to par yet. so, i woke up 2 days later, unable to open my eyes, coz they were so sore.


Its been 2 days & i feel useless, coz mostly everything i need to do has to do with my eyes, reading, watching, typing, dancing  etc. (im actually wearing shades as i type this. its THAT bad). Its a whole lot better now, but its still mad swollen. I can’t deal with light yet, & is still very sensitive. Im actually drinking Berocca now to improve my immune system, also Bragg’s Apple Cider to detox & shit. I also need to buy sunglasses soon that actually protect the eyes  against harsh light. If anyone could give me recomendations, it would be appreciated.


Here’s my eyes tonight. Its better now, but yeah, definitely i would prefer them to be matching haha.

PS, yes eyeknowtheledge that stuff like this mostly happens to me. haha