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Rooted TV Episode 5: Da Game of Rookies Jam

December 27, 2014

Thank you to Reppin Down Foundation for putting up this jam for the youth of Marikina. Looking forward to more jams like this!



November 7, 2014

Hi guys! Just wanted to share what goes behind the scenes in our (me & Sheena Vera Cruz’s) lives as traveling dancers! We were in China for Queen Sweet 16 bgirl battle & Sexy Heels Fitness class. Enjoy!


October 15, 2014

Will be leaving for China tomorrow for Battle of China/ Queen Sweet 16! Too excited to connect and learn!


Suntok, a Film by Tukar Sinati

August 31, 2014

A family affair, thank you Tukar Sinati for inviting Funk Roots. Hip Hop is alive and well, if you know where to look!

Peep the vid!

Dear God

April 3, 2014

Thank you for hearing out my prayers.

Both the answered


unanswered ones.




February 4, 2014



“The Revolution will not be Televised… Its gonna be online.”




Rooted Tv is a little project I’ve been mulling over for years. But coming from my recent trip from the Bay Area where I learned so much about life in general, I thought it was about time for me to have enough balls to finally pursue delving into my own roots.


I’ve been breaking for more than a decade now and I’ve seen so much of the good, the bad & the ugly side in this strug life. It’s alright though because I’ve realised that its all because of the search for KOS, the Knowledge of  Self.  And to know yourself is to know YOUR roots.


And that’s what RootedTv plans to offer.


I don’t really like to talk much online especially, but this is a leap of faith I need to take. I’ve come to know the importance of knowing your ancestors in this culture & their story deserves to be known. The why’s, how’s and oh shiiiiiiit moments if you know what I mean. And knowing them helps each one in the same movement become more familiarised with their selves. (A  win win situation right there.)


And for this culture to be moving forward, we have to be in the know. We are all students to this game, and everyday is a good day to learn.


So stay ROOTED.

Bgirl Bea

Funk Roots Crew/ Phil. Allstars


November 17, 2013

Last Aug. i hurt my eye in a freak accident. We were at a show & I wanted to take a picture. I forgot i tied my id to my left hand,  raised it and bam! There it went in my eye,which caused an abrasion that made me allergic to the sun and unable to dance for almost a week (& that was  a few weeks before leaving for Vegas for Hip Hop International, when a week seemed like an eternity). I constantly have to deal with eye strain every now & then, i call sprain for the eye. It hurts hella bad, to the point that it actually feels like my eye is ripping open.

Now months after here i go again. Ever since going home from the Bay i haven’t really had time to rest. I’ve been out & about, doing my thing and i guess i haven’t completely recovered yet. Well, the other day Kali had sore eyes & i was tripping out coz i knew i wasn’t up to par yet. so, i woke up 2 days later, unable to open my eyes, coz they were so sore.


Its been 2 days & i feel useless, coz mostly everything i need to do has to do with my eyes, reading, watching, typing, dancing  etc. (im actually wearing shades as i type this. its THAT bad). Its a whole lot better now, but its still mad swollen. I can’t deal with light yet, & is still very sensitive. Im actually drinking Berocca now to improve my immune system, also Bragg’s Apple Cider to detox & shit. I also need to buy sunglasses soon that actually protect the eyes  against harsh light. If anyone could give me recomendations, it would be appreciated.


Here’s my eyes tonight. Its better now, but yeah, definitely i would prefer them to be matching haha.

PS, yes eyeknowtheledge that stuff like this mostly happens to me. haha