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July 25, 2014

See You guys!  Freestyland!



Rooted TV Episode 2: Paul “PKid” Sirate (RSC/ Knuckleneck Tribe )

June 24, 2014

Rooted TV episode 2 is on Paul “Pikaso” Sirate. Most locals know him just as Pikaso the MC and producer, but this guy is one of Bay Area’s bboy legends. Peep a bit of his history, thoughts and what not on Rooted TV’s episode 2.

PZ & Know your Roots!

RootedTV Ep. 2 Teaser – P-Kid

June 19, 2014

Peep this teaser of weast coast Legend Pikaso aka P Kid as I interview him for RootedTv Ep 2. Stay rooted!

Soul Freak 1on1 Locking

June 16, 2014

Peep it!

WAKE UP – Kat Alano ft The Philippine Allstars

April 14, 2014

Just wanted to share this really dope song by Kat Alano ft The Philippine Allstars . I love this jam, the beat, the vibe & especially the lyrics. Time to wake up Pilipinas! Peep this fresh track

Melody/Lyrics: Kat Alano
Music: Alien Umali

Luis Diokno
Alien Umali
Clang Sison

April 10, 2014




3LLA in Manila RUNDOWN:

1. There are 3 categories: 
         a. KING (Bboy, Locking & House) 
         b. QUEEN (Waacking, Vogueing & Dancehall) 
         c. ACE (Hip Hop, Popping, Krump)

2. Judges will pick top 16 per category

3. Top 16 will battle Round Robin Style (in which each contestant meets all other contestants in turn) with a 30 second time limit per person that that will go on for a total of 30 minutes.

4. Battlers with most WINS, within the given timeframe will win the title.

5. Judging will consists of 3 judges, 2 of which will be technical judges with expertise in their category, while the 3rd judge will consist of the crowd. The crowd (to be chosen at random at the start of the battle) will be given 15 color coded placards that will represent both battlers. Their vote will be considered as 1 solid vote.

Judges :

KING: Ralph Caliwan (Funk Roots/ Phil. Allstars) & Bboy Killafour (SAS Crew) 
QUEEN: Phatty Maria & Madelle Paltu- Ob 
ACE: Vince Mendoza (Phil. Allstars) & 1k

DJ Badkiss
DJ Flava Matikz


Registration is at 9pm (so please be there at least 30 minute before)

Battles starts STRICTLY at 10pm


Entrance: Battlers: 100php Guests: 200ph (w/ free alcoholic drink)


STRICTLY 18 YRS. OLD & ABOVE. We will check ID’s at the door.

Dresscode: NO STYLE, NO ENTRY! Please be reminded that this jam is at a club, so the fly-er the fit, the better.






3LLA in Manila

April 4, 2014

Philippine Allstars x Black Market X Boogie Down Manila presents


3LLA in Manila on April 10, 2014 (Thursday) at Black Market with DJ Badkiss & DJ Flava Matikz.

3 Categories:

King (Bboy,Locking,House)
Queen (Waacking, Vogueing, Dancehall)
Ace ( Hip Hop, Popping, Krump)

Top 16 per category will battle it out for 30 min.Round Robin style. Whoever has the most wins, WIN!

Judges: tba

Prizes: Trophy, 3thousand pesos + Goodies from our sponsors.

Registration is at 9pm
Battler’s Fee: 100PHP
Guests: 200PHP


For Inquiries: 09189856775

Rooted TV Episode 1: Jmasta (Battlekrew)

March 10, 2014

For Rooted TV’s first episode, here’s a short but informative interview I did with none other than Jmasta of Battlekrew. My mentor, and definitely one of the people I look up to, Jmasta has been active in the Philippine Hip Hop game since the 80’s. Peep this, and experience the breakworld thru his eyes that seen firsthand the evolution of this culture. PZ! – Bea

PS: Keep posted for Episode 2!

To know what is Rooted Tv, CLICK HERE!

Allstars Danceschool South x Nestle Coffee-Mate Flavors w/ Lil Crabe

February 8, 2014

I just wanted to share this commercial of Nestle Coffee-Mate Flavors with Lil Crabe from France. Its a really awesome TVC combining breaking with yoga. Its a crazy video which was shot here in the Philippines none other than at Allstars DanceSchool South (Blk 6 Lot 30 CRM Ave. St. Joseph Subd. Brgy. BF Almanza Las Piñas ). This studio has been our home away from home and wanted to share it with everyone else.



February 4, 2014



“The Revolution will not be Televised… Its gonna be online.”




Rooted Tv is a little project I’ve been mulling over for years. But coming from my recent trip from the Bay Area where I learned so much about life in general, I thought it was about time for me to have enough balls to finally pursue delving into my own roots.


I’ve been breaking for more than a decade now and I’ve seen so much of the good, the bad & the ugly side in this strug life. It’s alright though because I’ve realised that its all because of the search for KOS, the Knowledge of  Self.  And to know yourself is to know YOUR roots.


And that’s what RootedTv plans to offer.


I don’t really like to talk much online especially, but this is a leap of faith I need to take. I’ve come to know the importance of knowing your ancestors in this culture & their story deserves to be known. The why’s, how’s and oh shiiiiiiit moments if you know what I mean. And knowing them helps each one in the same movement become more familiarised with their selves. (A  win win situation right there.)


And for this culture to be moving forward, we have to be in the know. We are all students to this game, and everyday is a good day to learn.


So stay ROOTED.

Bgirl Bea

Funk Roots Crew/ Phil. Allstars